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Don't... Book 6

  Fractured. (Don't... Book 6)

“Don’t let them leave us behind at the roadside, Jan.” – Jack Harrison.

Both psychopath and sinner, Gray Raoul’s falling deep into dangerous territory with Martin and his own “born this bastard way, baby” innateness. But when Gray’s son, Light, is thrown into Gray’s world on the back of a CS gas terror attack at a rave, life never becomes more… fractured. Under the decaying influence of Martin, Gray’s about to interrogate his son with all the coldness of an MI5 director of counterterrorism edge that’s teetering too close to culler roots.

When Gray’s suicidal fall is played to the full with Martin, leaving Jan facing nothing but himself and the culler in Gray, the ultimate questions are tested to the full:

Standing in the shadow of two psychopaths, two sinners who are locked in death-play, did Jan’s “soft lad” soul really ever have a voice in Gray’s dark world? And just where does this all leave Jack Harrison?


     What the judges say:


I was fortunate enough to have read the previous books from this series before reading this one. All I can say is WOW! What a ride! Jack L Pyke has taken me into an emotional roller coaster with each and every single book. But the last one, book 6, topped all the feels, all the emotions, leaving me laughing at some points, crying at others. There are two books that are quite hard to read, including this one. It touches on topics that hit damn hard but instead of reproaching the author, I honestly have to thank her because she had the courage of writing what we know is true while most keep away from it and while painful, it's situations that happen on a daily in our perverted world. One of the things I truly enjoy about a crime story is the fact that the perp is hidden until the very end, while said character is shown and appreciated through the book. This is a big plus for me. Well done, Jack! I



     What the judges say:


Jack Pyke has written a series that goes beyond the norm. We slowly learn about each character and where they fit into the puzzle of Don’t. From the first chapter I was hooked, and the last pages of….satisfied….yet yearning not to leave this world; frightened I could never hear about these men anymore. Now that you have given us Light…..Don’t stop.

                           Gloria Lakritz.

             Paranormal Romance Guild



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