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Don't... Book 3

Jack has the evidence there in his hands: the DVD and notepad off D.C. Sanders that proves Gray played a part in tearing him and Jan brutally apart. But with Jack locked away in his own mind and lost to his blackouts and self-harming, the past brings to light the origins of a new beast, one who only comes out to play when Jack needs to hide, a psychopath who has perhaps tasted and tested Gray to the full. All Jack has to do is remember how... and why. More to the point, why does one part of him know Gray’s signature mark as an interrogation’s officer? And why is there such a serious sadistic kick in hiding the memory?


Macky: Bravo and Encore!


Monique: Yep… I think we are in total agreement my friend, with not only Breakdown but the series as a whole so far. Outstanding… Just Fucking Peachy!


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Overall Impression: It was amazing!



So, here's the deal, the brilliance of this book is that Jack L. Pyke puts you inside Jack's head, inside the mind-fuck and literally inside his intense psychosis.



Tootsie: I think I may have said before that you were a masterful storyteller. I just didn’t understand how much of one you truly are. 



Another brilliant book in this series and some more dark, dark writing from Jack L. Pyke. As always I have been left wanting more………


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