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The Society of Masters, a Shared-World Project:

What does it mean? 

Two authors, two seperate novels: sharing one world.

Don’t... Deliver Us

Shared-world novels with outstanding author:
​ ​Lynn Kelling


When I first read Lynn Kelling's Deliver Us, I stumbled away floored by the sexual creativity and complex characterisation I’d seen at play in her work. So when Ms Kelling said “yes” to the possibility of a shared world project that will merge both Don’t and Deliver Us in our separate upcoming projects, I was all:  Jack,  Jan -- Gray, with Gabe, Darrek -- Trace? In one room -- together? Sharing lives, history -- body heat? Hell yes!

So I’m going to echo the deliciously talented Ms Kelling and say that it’s an absolute thrill and pleasure to announce that we are working on a shared project. In Ms. Kelling's third novel to her Deliver Us series, Gray, Jack, and Jan will be taking a trip to America, where Kelling will work her talent on my characters and introduce them to her world. In return, I will loan Gabe, Darrek, and Trace for my third novel, and take them from their comfort zone in America and place them in the hard streets of London, throwing them into the brutality that’s become Gray, Jack, and Jan’s world. 


For me, however, that merging starts a little earlier, with Gabe and Darrek making a brief appearance in the sequel to Don’t: Antidote.

And, finally, just a thank you to Ms Kelling for agreeing to this project: it’s a huge pleasure and privilege to be working along side her on this. And, as ever, thank you to all our readers. I hope you’ll enjoy everything that this world merging is bringing to us as authors.




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